The introduction of the Asphalt Batch Plant in 2011 has provided Hardings Hotmix with the advantage of being able to supply hotmix asphalt efficiently to our own projects, as well being a supplier to other local businesses and councils. The Asphalt Batch Plant is run on liquid natural gas and all operations are computerised.

The Asphalt Batch Plant is capable of producing up to 80 tonnes of hotmix asphalt per hour and has heated storage bins that have the capacity to hold 50 tonnes of hotmix asphalt, which assists in ensuring pick up time for hotmix asphalt can be kept at a minimum. All operations are carried out under strict environmental and energy guidelines, with waste materials recycled back through the Asphalt Batch Plant.

All hotmix asphalt produced by the Asphalt Batch Plant meets one of our mix designs that have been registered in accordance with VicRoads RC 500.01.

We have registered mix designs for:

  • 7, 10 and 14mm dense grade
  • 10 and 14mm heavy grade
  • 14mm psv54 dense grade and heavy grade

In accordance with VicRoads/ Tasmanian DoSG Specification 407, our asphalt is tested every 250 tonnes or part thereof in our NATA accredited laboratory (Accreditation No: 20529, Site Number: 24593).

If you would like more information about our mix designs or test results please contact us.